Nitrogen Membranes

Lower your total cost of ownership, by producing your own nitrogen.
Nitrogen membranes are the modern alternative to nitrogen production at your plant.

Parker manufactures and supplies nitrogen membranes which, using pure compressed air, allow you to produce your own nitrogen.
This is a state-of-the-art product with a long life of 10-15 years of unsurpassed efficiency, which can be personalized based on your own production needs and features. The purity of the generated nitrogen can be up to 99.5%, enough for most tank blanketing or purging applications. Their use is therefore ideal for the production of inert gas for LNG, chemical and petrochemical industries, oil tankers.


At its production facility at Etten-Leur in the Netherlands, Parker manufactures so-called hollow gas-separation fibre membranes from Polyphenylene Oxide. The fibre membrane consists of a permeable sponge-like structure with an ultrathin cover layer. To do so, Parker uses the latest know-how and cutting-edge production processes from the field of nanotechnology. Parker hollow fibres are small, strawlike plastics. In a module, which is a metal or plastic tube, thousands of these fibres are glued in. Only the ends of a bundle of fibres are glued in, in the middle the fibres hang free. As the space between the fibre ends is glued, when compressed air is introduced to the module heads, the air has to go inside the fibres. The plastic fibres behave in such a way that their walls “prefer” the oxygen and water molecules more than the nitrogen molecules. The fibres allow the oxygen and water molecules to pass through the wall (diffusion) easier than the nitrogen molecules. All the water and oxygen molecules are discharged from the module (permeate), the nitrogen molecules however remain inside the fibre and exit at the other glued end of the fibre (retentate). The pressure and temperature at which the compressed air enters the fibre and the time the air has to remain inside the fibre, determines the nitrogen purity (or rather the inert gas purity) at the nitrogen outlet.

Hollow fibre membranes
The Parker nitrogen membranes are extremely reliable and effective for producing nitrogen and oxygen enriched air, simply because it is the strongest and most permeable membrane in the world. This means that more product can be separated per fibre, resulting in:
  • lower cost of ownership
  • longer membrane life
  • very cost-effective systems with short payback times
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    Benefits using Parker nitrogen membranes:
  • Less membrane modules needed per system: More nitrogen and oxygen enriched air per fibre is produced from Parker hollow-fibre membranes than any other in the world
  • Use of low pressure standard industrial compressor: No high pressure compressor needed to obtain required flow
  • Low air consumption (air factor or air to nitrogen ratio): Use a small compressor and reduce investment costs
  • Energy savings: Operation at a low pressure requires less energy
  • Reduced CO2: emissions No heater required to open polymer membrane structure, thus reducing the energy consumption
  • Robust fibre: Most tolerant fibre to particle contamination
  • Large membrane diameter: Lowest membrane module pressure drop
  • Strong engineering plastic: Life-expectancy of more than 10 years
  • Factory membrane ageing, pre-delivery: No performance decrease over time due to fibre ageing
  • Quick start-up time: Required purity is produced instantly, no heating up time
  • Flexible mounting arrangements: Can be mounted horizontal or vertical
  • Low noise operation: Radiated noise generated by membrane technology is extremely low
  • No maintenance required: No user serviceable parts
  • Small system footprint: Fewer modules needed to produce nitrogen or oxygen enriched-air requirements.
  • Reduce system component costs: The need for less membrane modules results in less work to produce a nitrogen generator, less pipe work and less block or isolation valves
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    Each nitrogen installation application has its own preconditions and safety features. Delivery requirements and purity change from one installation to another. The approach to each application is therefore unique. Some applications require a few tens of cubic nitrogen delivery, up to several thousands, with a purity of 95% to 99.5%. So, with the right planning and in cooperation with the production managers, a unique system is designed for each customer to meet his / her own needs. One or more membranes can be utilized in a parallel array according to the supply and purity requirements. The nitrogen membranes can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and can be connected to a high capacity reservoir for increased industry instantaneous supply needs. As expected, it is possible to incorporate purity control mechanisms to protect the installation if the necessary supply criteria due to air network malfunction are not met. Here are some examples of previous facilities abroad.